Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Rhode Island Showroom Manager


Our company is just growing and growing! With the new Wellesley, MA showroom (and more on the way!) our order volume is increasing. This is great news, because that means more people are ready to turn away from conventional chemical-laden bedding and mattresses and sleep better and healthier! 

With the additional amount of orders coming into our home office, we had to find more fantastic people to help get those orders processed so your products get shipped to you swiftly!

Let's meet Mell Boesch, our new customer service staff member in our Kittery, ME home office!

1.)  Tell us about your
life BTCB (Before The Clean Bedroom)

I grew up on Long Island, NY. I have lived in NYC, Atlanta, Richmond and just outside of Washington, DC.

I've worked for several brand name companies in office administration, sales,
design, space planning, organization and product knowledge.

2.)  Tell us about three
great qualities you possess

I am personable, I go the extra
mile, I am an artist and a creative thinker

3.)  What do you
consistently DVR to watch at your leisure?

HGTV, PBS [art21], History,
Discovery channel

4.)  What are your three
recommendations on things to experience in life?

New York City, Jones Beach, the

5.)  If you had six months
with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?

Print! I became a Non-toxic
Contemporary Printmaker in 2006. My work is all about forging into new paths of
experimentation and inventing new printmaking processes:

To see the pyramids. To see a
true Blue Ocean. To visit the Emerging art centers around the world.

6.)  Who do you admire most
and why?

Architect, Frank Gehry

He pushes the boundaries of a
building's structure and in the use of innovative materials and applications

7.)  Anything else you’d
like to tell us?

It is a joy to work for a
company and have co-workers that are honest with the driven integrity of
spreading the word about organic bedding, to ensure that everyone has a healthy
night’s sleep.

As an added bonus: I get to work in a clean and healthy work environment
(VOC paint is used in all of the showrooms and the corporate offices)

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