Guest blogger: Caryn Sowell, Sleep Consultant

Hi guys!
My name is Caryn and I am a Sleep Consultant in our Kittery, Maine location. I love where I live and love our Kittery location. Being so close to the ocean and a little over an hour’s drive from the great Presidential Range of the White Mountains in New Hampshire is a blessing.

CarynA little about me: I spent my childhood years in Boston, MA. My parents met in a Swing Band in the 40’s and passed their love of music on to all of their children. We all play instruments and my favorite memories was our little family band “cutting a rug!" My dad was also an engineer and my mom sang jingles on the radio for various local businesses. During this time unfortunately, we experienced cancer in our family. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and our idyllic world changed. We lived in the Mecca of the best medical care in the country and still it gave my father pause. In the location where we lived there were so many chemical emissions from all the manufacturing plants that the numbers of cancers in just a three-block radius of home was not acceptable to my dad. Long story short, my dad got us out of Boston and moved us all to 25 acres of un-developed land in Maine. It was his dream to start a campground. That was the byproduct of out move. It was his hypothesis that if we lived a “clean” life we could arrest any disease…especially that of the love of his life, my mother.

So, we grew our own veggies – a victory garden, so to speak. We bought organically fed cows, pigs and chickens through a co-op. We had daily meditations on gratitude. I know it sounds hokey, but it worked! My mom lived to the ripe old age of 93 and eventually passed away of kidney failure, not cancer!

My dream was to translate all of this into a restaurant format, and I did. I owned a restaurant that only served eggs from free-range chickens, bacon, beef and pork from animals I bought through a co-op and bread I baked myself (thank you Gramma)! The concept wasn’t yet popular but was right! It was an immediate success. Whole foods not only are good for you, but they taste better!

Unfortunately the restaurant business is not conducive to family life so, after a length of time, I sold my business.
I got into the advertising world through one of my customers, but there was always something missing. You know that little voice that says “you are off of your path?” We all tend to ignore it, but that can be a pivotal moment If/when we choose to listen to it. Right at that moment I found The Clean Bedroom. It is a place where I could realize my passion for clean living and help people get an un-interrupted healthy night’s sleep.

People always ask me, “How I can change and start living healthier?” I say, “Start at the top.” If your budget doesn’t allow a bed, start with a pillow and work up from there. But I urge you to ask this question of yourself…”What is a restful, chemical- free bed” worth to me and my children. Only you have the answer!

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