Guest blogger: Caryn Sowell

Ah..summer. Our small seaside town has fully awakened from its sleepy hibernation and rainy spring. Flowers have bloomed, our tree leaves are once again green, boats are mooring and our little community is all a-buzz. The summer heat has arrived. It is time for fresh garden vegetables and lobster bakes. Did we tell you we love “lobstah”?

Spring is also the time for sprucing up your abode. Sandy, our Kittery showroom manager, is planning a patio project.  Her husband, John, is an expert at excavation and contracting. Sandy is an expert at design. She not only is the Manager of the Kittery showroom, but is the go-to gal for design advice in all of our showrooms.  She is very talented.

CarynI (also from the Kittery showroom) am in the process of finding a new place. With kids grown I am looking for a smaller space.  I am having so much fun shopping for furnishings and window treatments. I am going to consult with Sandy as far as the space planning goes! One room that doesn’t need any decision making is my bedroom. I already know where to find a healthy bed and bedding..LOL!  With all this talk of renewal, what better time to introduce you to some of our new products?

One new mattress we have that Sandy is just crazy about is the Green Sleep Nature's Nest Niu.  This is an incredible pocket coil mattress.  It is made with organic cotton, wool, natural latex and coconut coir. The pocket spring system is split on queen and king sized so that each side can be customized for comfort.  Each spring unit has two sides. One side is covered in coconut coir to provide a firmer feel. The other side has the pocket coils and extra wool to provide a softer feel. The mattress is then topped off with 2” of individually organic cotton wrapped latex to provide just the right amount of cushion. Sandy Says, “A lot of people are looking for an alternative to a solid innerspring mattress. They enjoy the firmness that they provide, but are looking for something that is a bit more customizable. Natures Nest Niu is the perfect choice!” Green Sleep’s quality and workmanship is evident right down to the stitching on its mattress cover which is made of organic cotton and wool. It has the luxurious feel of velour!

There are three new pillows in the showroom available for a test rest.  
They are all part of our Naturally Organic Oyasumi line, made for us by Sleeptek.  The first one is an organic shredded rubber pillow, that is adjustable with the Naturally Organic stretch cotton cover. The second is an adjustable wool pillow. These pillows are great because you can adjust the height and feel by just removing the stuffing. I love  this pillow as I like to squish it and can conform it to my comfort.  The third pillow is an organic latex contour pillow – perfect for back sleepers.  It has a softer feel than most conventional contour pillows. 

Well, that's all the news from Kittery. It’s “chowda” time. If you are in the area, please stop by. You may come in for a test rest or just for a chat. Cheers to a chemical free night’s sleep.

Sleep healthy. Sleep well.




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