Guest blogger: Donna-Marie, Westport Showroom Manager

In late May, I was fortunate enough to be a part
of the 6th Annual Mt. Sinai Greening Our Children Benefit Luncheont along with several dozen other
Green Expo Participants. We spent the early morning hours setting up our
tables, displaying our products, arranging the auction items, mixing and
mingling, awaiting the arrival of the hundreds of attendees that would be
gathering to support this special event.

The Mount Sinai Children's Environmental Health Center (CEHC) is
the beneficiary of the Greening Our Children Benefit Luncheon. The CEHC is
committed to conducting groundbreaking research to identify the environmental
causes of childhood diseases and translate the research findings into solutions
that protect children’s health.

Dr. Philip J. Landrigan ,the Director
of the CEHC,  was featured as the keynote
speaker. He is a renowned pediatrician and epidemiologist whose career focus
has been disease prevention and researching the links between disease and environmental
health threats. From his early work at the CDC to his work with the medical
studies following 9/11, he is one of the pioneers in Children’s Environmental
Health. His fascinating background can be found here:

Also present was Jessica
(actress, author, and founder of the Honest Company), the recipient of
the Mt. Sinai Champion for Children Award.

The Emcee for the day was Dr. Emily Senay, Assistant Professor of
Preventive Medicine, Director, Master of Public Health Program Icahn School of
Medicine at Mt Sinai.

As a
mother of two almost grown daughters, it was humbling for me to see and hear so
many people fully dedicated to the cause of researching and preventing
childhood disease and associated environmental risk factors. They are giving
hope to many, and this groundbreaking work would not get done without their
unwavering efforts.

core projects of the CEHC include Autism and Learning Disability Discovery and Prevention Project;
Endocrine Disruptor Research Program; Breast Cancer and the Environment
Research Program; Growing Up Healthy in East Harlem; The New York Children’s
Study; Mount Sinai Pregnancy Biobank;
and The Mount Sinai Pediatric
Environmental Health Specialty Unit
which is the clinical component that treats children
who suffer from toxic exposures.

Throughout the
day, there was a silent auction going on as well as some big ticket items in
the live auction, which included sports outings and memorabilia, fine art, a
luxury tour of Ireland for Two, and an after-hours party for 50 (yes, 50 friends!)  with all the trimmings, at the Cynthia Rowley
+ CuRious Candy Shop in NYC, including a personal styling session with Cynthia
Rowley herself! FUN!

Clean Bedroom, in conjunction with Austin Air, provided a Medical HEPA filter
Health Mate Jr. Air Purifier for the silent auction, in support of keeping the
home and bedroom environment a “toxin and chemical free” zone.  I was happy to see it was such a popular
item-lots of bids!

Back in the
Green Expo Tent, we were surrounded by other vendors who offer everything from
organic and earth-friendly household products, to baby items, to allergen-free
goodies, There were green homebuilders, clean water suppliers and toxin free
lawn/garden care experts there as well. I brought a variety of organic
comforters, mattress pads from our showroom, and examples of our luxury organic
mattresses for babies, children and adults. The organic Kapok and wool
adjustable pillows and organic
Ss-kapok-pillow250percale and sateen sheet sets were also a huge

It was
our second year participating in this event and I envision having an even
greater representation next year. The connection between diseases such as
asthma, autism, ADHD, certain cancers and other neurodevelopmental disorders we
are seeing in our children today, and toxic exposure is becoming ever more
clear, thanks to the work of these dedicated medical professionals and the
organizations that support them. The more we know, the faster we can identify
solutions. Progress is being made every day, and I am grateful that The Clean
Bedroom supports this incredible work.

Dr. Landrigan and CEHC in the news and on tv:

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