just under eight years, Maine-based The Clean Bedroom—an organic and
all-natural mattress and bedding resource—has grown from a home-based online
operation to a nation-wide retailer with showrooms in Maine, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, California and Texas.

In recognition of its
success, the company was honored by Inc. Magazine on its 2012 list of the fastest-growing private
companies in America.


“The idea for The Clean Bedroom was
born after learning of the toxic nature of conventional mattresses,” says
Chris Chamberlin, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of The Clean Bedroom. “We all spend
one-third of our lives in bed, so a healthy bedroom is vital to good health…"



The Clean Bedroom sells organic and
all-natural mattresses—comparable in price to many conventional
options—mattress toppers, bedding, pillows, and air purifiers for bedrooms,
nurseries, and dorms as well as green dog beds. Chamberlin personally
researches each and every brand sold, often visiting the factories to inspect
materials and production qualities.


“Only items that meet our high
standards for quality craftsmanship, reliable ship times, and customer focus
end up on our website and in our showrooms,” she says. “Our customers know they
won’t find any ‘green washing’ or marketing hype at The Clean Bedroom, and they
can rest assured their purchases are made with materials from Mother Nature,
not a chemical plant.”


In addition to its commitment to
selling only vetted items, Chamberlin credits the company’s success to its
unique offering in the marketplace. “There are very few showrooms like ours in
the country,” she says. “You can go almost anywhere to test drive a
conventional mattress, but the options are limited for eco mattresses and
bedding. We recognized an important need, and our customers appreciate that
we’re filling a void.”

 Humble Beginnings

TCB beginnings

“Our focus is to help people make informed purchase decisions to create
the cleanest and greenest sleep environment possible,” says Christine
Chamberlin, Owner of The Clean Bedroom. “We must be striking a chord, because we’ve seen double-digit growth,
year after year.”

The Clean Bedroom is an organic and
all-natural mattress and bedding resource with seven showrooms across the
country, from Maine to California. Through its showrooms and website,
eco-minded shoppers gain insight and personalized service to create a healthier
sleep environment.  

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Want more information? You can reach Chris at 866-380-5892, or call your nearest showroom.

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