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Yoga is a great way for everyone to relax and decompress after a busy day. A recent article from MindBodyGreen suggests that doing yoga right before bed is a great way for parents to create a calm environment for themselves and their children. Adding yoga to your nightly ritual can be a great way to produce and maintain good sleep habits.


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 The article explains that certain positions are better than others for promoting relaxation. Many times, tired children tend to wind up instead of wind down. Nightly habits like a warm bath, reading a story, and relaxation techniques like these are a great way to teach their body to naturally prepare for sleep. MindBodyGreen touts the following as the top bedtime yoga positions for children: 

  • Mindful breath. 
  • Eagle pose. 
  • Downward dog. 
  • Cat pose. 
  • Butterfly pose. 
  • Child's pose. 

This article gives cute names and even cuter mantras to go along with each pose. Go ahead, try it tonight and let us know how it goes! Use #TCByoga to share your thoughts and pics. 

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