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Summer in Spain!

I have tried to plan at least one trip per year and have it include some type of missions work, volunteer, or service aspect. I love getting to the know a country from that perspective! When you perform a service, you have deeper connection and love for the people, not only the place, and Spain proved no different for me.

Air Purifiers

Austin Update

Ten years ago, The Clean Bedroom opened for those looking to clean up and green up the bedroom. We have since grown into the premier resource for organic, allergy-free mattresses, bedding, and accessories, with sleep showrooms across the country. Our Austin, Texas location recently reopened as The Clean Bedroom & Home, and we are now looking to take over the whole house.

Air Purifiers

Air Quality Is Nothing to Sneeze At.

Today, indoor air can often be more polluted than outdoor air. We spend a lot of our time indoors, sleeping and at rest. Toxic substances in your immediate surroundings go unseen but yet they can pose a great threat to your health and overall well-being, often aggravating asthma and causing breathing difficulties.