Will An Organic Mattress Help Me Get A Better Nights Sleep?

Will an organic mattress help me get a better nights sleep? The average adult, ages 29 – 64, requires seven to nine hours of sleep each night according to recent studies. However, getting a “solid” night’s sleep is much more than just going to bed on time. To fully recharge, one needs roughly 45% of their sleep pattern to be …


Read The Fine Print

There is no such thing as natural memory foam. There is no such thing as natural foam. People need to do a little homework before buying their McDonald’s salad that comes with a BigMac and a large fry and super-sized Coca-Cola.


Setting your priorities straight

Why do we feel like we need to budget for a bed? Why is it okay to pay monthly for a gym membership but we feel like we need to pay for a mattress up front? Of course, we put it on our credit card but we also look at is a lump sum purchase instead of an investment in …

22 Fascinating Facts About Sleep

 Check out this great infographic that we found from The Health Hub on Pinterest: For more great infographics and sleep information every day, find and follow The Clean Bedroom on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and NOW Tumblr! *originally published 7/15

Go Green in the Bedroom – Save Green in your Wallet

Guest blogger: Jennifer Thibodeau, Marketing Manager “Can I go green in my bedroom without needing to take out a loan?” you ask. The answer is “Yes! We think it’s possible!” With our affordable line of organic mattresses, organic blankets, all-natural pillows and more, we believe it's fairly simple to start going green in your bedroom without sacrificing the green in your wallet! Plus, we …

7 Common Sleep Mistakes You Should Avoid

Guest blogger: Jennifer Thibodeau, Marketing Manager Looking to sleep better? Be sure you're not making any of these common sleep mistakes: You can read the rest of the article at dreams.co.uk here >  For healthy sleep information every day, find and follow The Clean Bedroom on  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr! *originally published 12/15

Why Organic Bedding?

Guest blogger: Jennifer Thibodeau, Marketing Manager Wondering why you should choose organic and all-natural bedding as opposed to standard bedding found on your local department store shelves? The materials are raised and processed without toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, boric acid, and benzene Conventional cotton is responsible for 25% of the insecticides used worldwide Pesticides have been linked to the …