Hugged by a cloud: Slipping Under an Alpaca Wool Comforter

What’s a good night’s sleep worth? Economically speaking, the answer to that question depends on what your average day is worth. Yet it is nearly impossible to put a price on a good, deep, restorative night’s sleep. None of us lives on a cloud. If we did, who cares what our days and nights would be worth: we’d be sleeping most …

Will An Organic Mattress Help Me Get A Better Nights Sleep?

Will an organic mattress help me get a better nights sleep? The average adult, ages 29 – 64, requires seven to nine hours of sleep each night according to recent studies. However, getting a “solid” night’s sleep is much more than just going to bed on time. To fully recharge, one needs roughly 45% of their sleep pattern to be …


Read The Fine Print

There is no such thing as natural memory foam. There is no such thing as natural foam. People need to do a little homework before buying their McDonald’s salad that comes with a BigMac and a large fry and super-sized Coca-Cola.


Setting your priorities straight

Why do we feel like we need to budget for a bed? Why is it okay to pay monthly for a gym membership but we feel like we need to pay for a mattress up front? Of course, we put it on our credit card but we also look at is a lump sum purchase instead of an investment in …