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Adoption has always been something we have talked and prayed about as a couple but we never felt the time was right. Getting a daughter off to college, a wedding, and welcoming two granddaughters back-to-back it just was not on our radar. That was until my friend adopted a son from Ethiopia and our church went on mission trip - my interest got peaked. We were asked to sponsor a child from a government boys’ orphanage in Addis Ababa. Of course we said yes and we waited to be matched up with a child. I will never forget the first moment we saw his face, my husband and I were on vacation in Key West and I got an email with his picture.
The minute I opened that email and saw his face I fell in love. I looked at my husband and said “Uh oh, this may be trouble.” There was just something about this boy and I was in love immediately. It was like looking at the face of my own daughter after I gave birth to her - instantly in love and filled with that fierce ‘mother love” for a child. It was at the very moment I knew what I had to do.
Lee, my husband, took a little more persuading. He likes to say it was a “truth and grace” moment. He is all truth, filled with all the “logistics and worry about this and that and I was in full-on grace mode, ready to move any obstacle that got in our way. Pretty soon we came together and it has been a FANTASTIC journey ever since.

Going to Ethiopia in October and meeting him and spending time with him really sealed the deal for me. I loved everything about the country of my son’s birth. The sights, the sounds, the smells are like none other. Jeannie_blog1He is a wonderful little guy, full of fun, so smart, speaks great English, is full of a mischief, and is super sweet and loving. He will fit into our family just perfectly. Walking through the airport door and leaving him behind was the single most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. I was so happy to get home to see my husband, daughter and grandbabies but leaving him was like leaving half my heart. The only thing I knew was that I would be back so that gave me some reassurance and I was able to get on the plane (it was not a pretty sight).

Jeannie_handsMy husband and I are in the final steps of getting him home - we hope to be back in Ethiopia in about seven weeks and look forward to bringing him home this summer. Perfect timing, my husband is a teacher and will be able to spend the whole summer with him and it will give him time to adjust and get ready to start 7th grade in the fall, at the same school where his dad teaches (no riding the bus for him!). We can’t wait to introduce him to our family, friends, church, community and we are looking forward to taking him to NYC to visit my family. He loves history and museums (which works out well since my hubby is a history teacher) so we will show him all the sights in NYC. We feel so blessed that, out of all the families in the world, God picked us for this special boy. We know that there will be challenges, but we are just very excited to start this chapter in our lives.

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